Why Greenville South Carolina?

Greenville's Economic Climate


North Carolina and South Carolina have seen a surge in capital investment in the past decade. Upstate South Carolina has seen a tremendous influx of people, families, and businesses coming not just from across the US but from around the world. Greenville’s diversified workforce, friendly community, and high quality of life make Greenville an attractive place for business investment. In fact the Greenville area ranked 4th out of America’s 50 hottest cities in the nation for European business expansion, (Resources 5) and Greenville ranked 11th out of Expansion Management magazines 50 hottest cities for manufacturing expansions and relocations (Resources 6). A major factor in Greenville’s business attractiveness and growth is its location along the mega growth I-85 corridor in the Southeast. I-85 passes from Richmond, VA all the way to Atlanta Georgia. The Upstate’s residential and commercial real estate growth and development is extending toward Charlotte, North Carolina, along I-85 and southward to Atlanta, Georgia, along I-85. (Atlanta is roughly 145 miles south of Greenville and Charlotte is approximately 93 miles north of Greenville, South Carolina.) 


Parts of South Carolina’s Upstate are considered a foreign trade zone areas (Resources 1). According to the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Upstate South Carolina now has more than 240 international firms representing 23 nations, with Hitachi, Michelin and BMW being just a few of the major worldwide corporate players (Resources 2).South Carolina now ranks #2 in the nation in terms of the percentage of its private workforce employed by job-creating foreign investment or jobs supported by U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies. Upstate South Carolina has one the highest levels of foreign capital investment per capita in the nation (Resources 1) Greenville County also has one of the strongest concentrations of engineers per capita in the country. We are now known nationally as one of the main engineering hubs in the Southeast. As you can see, employment and investment opportunities abound inGreenvilleand the Upstate.
Greenville SC Real Estate Prices=Affordability

For those looking to move to the New South, you should consider Greenville South Carolina. Greenville has an cosmopolitan, award winning downtown, many historic sites, and very reasonable home and real estate prices. Many people coming to our area consider Greenville South Carolina Real Estate and home prices to be a bargain. Home prices here usually are 3% to 10% below the national average. You will find gas prices and food prices very reasonable as well.


The Amazing Downtown Greenville SC

Downtown Greenville SC is a charming and beautiful area offering many restaurants, shops, studios, theatres, and unique living opportunities. Greenville, a winner of the coveted American Main Street Award, offers residents and visitors plenty of attractions and activities including two wonderful parks and the new Greenville Swamp Rabbit Trail

We at Carolina Realty have noticed that most visitors are simply captivated by the appeal and charm of our downtown.  Please visit the following links for more information on Downtown Greenville Living: Our downtown Greenville Condos page offers listings for most major condo developements in downtown and our downtown Greenville Homes page features those neighborhoods closest to the downtown. You can also call us at Carolina Realty Associates for more information: 864-335-8936. *All photos on this page were taken in Greenville's downtown area.