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Consumer Confidence nears 18 year High 

 After US GDP ripped higher to a clip over 4%, US consumer confidence is nearing an 18 year high. With wage growth appearing in the economy, job creation, robust hiring, low employment, and tax plan incentives, consumers surveyed are showing optimism.  Sources and market

Having worked in logistics out of college, I know a good indicator of true economic activity is truck tonnage, in other words how much freight are US trucks actually moving. Here is the chart. 

10 yield Treasury yields have climbed back to 2.95.  Inflation is remaining tame and now the big question, will the FED continue to raise rates? They have risen rates too

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Is the West Coast Housing Market a leading national housing indicator?

Zeroing in on San Fransicso Real Estate Prices: Can we predict Greenville SC Housing Prices? Most, would argue no because real estate is local in nature. However, there are national and even sometimes international common denominators. What would be a common denominator in national or international housing trends? Easy credit, low interest rates, growing GDP, growing employment, etc--and some of these denominators bleed into the local aspect of the housing markets, like Greenville's employment base and destination city status. 

I tend to look westward for macro or national real estate trends, particularly to California. Why? The state of California is the 5th largest economy

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 Greenville's Startup Business Culture

Bloomberg published an article called "The New Startup South" featuring Greenville South Carolina has having a successful startup culture for small and growing business. Bloomberg Business correctly states, "Greenville has excelled at creating an appealing—and walkable—commercial district. The scenic riverfront features a park bordered by a mixed-use development, a waterfall, and a pedestrian bridge." The city of Greenville has poured millions into downtown Greenville's redevelopment, making it a world-class pro business city!

Quoting the article again, "Some elements of Greenville’s transformation aren’t easy to replicate, including decades of political commitment to creating a community that’s

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Mortgage Rates fall to the lowest in 3 Months


Home buyers get a small break from rising interest rates. Mortgage interest rates have been on the rise since late last year (2017). As investors buy bonds seeking shelter from Trade Wars and Fed Rate Hikes, the yields of the 10 Treasury, which drives mortgage rates in part, have begun falling, helping push down mortgage rates. 

If you are looking at Greenville SC Homes for Sale  or Spartanburg SC Homes for Sale, and would like an advocate working with you, for your interests, please call or text Jonathan Kostyra: 864-525-0736. Jonathan has over 12 years experience in Upstate South Carolina as a Realtor and real estate license. Jonathan handles residential and commercial real estate sales in

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Greenville Mortgage Rates Spike Higher


This week has seen a sharp spike of the 10 Year Treasury Note beyond the perceived technical ceiling or resistance of 3.0%. This is the first time since Jan 2014 that the 10 yr treasury eclipsed the big 3.0% mark. For those who don't know, 10 Year Treasury Notes are the basis in part for mortgage rates.  Was the move a total surprise?  Maybe not, Analysts at Citibank predicted this move back in Feb 2018. Perhaps the move was a matter of when and not if. 

Regarding the 10 Year Treasury Note, analysts at Citi predict the the number to be concerned with is 3.05%. A break above this, on a monthly basis,  could be very significant.  The next technical resistance levels would be around 3.14 or

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The Facebook Fast

Facebook Real Estate Marketing



Recently I took 3 weeks away from Facebook to focus on some more pressing projects that need completion. I would probably say that I was more content during those 3 weeks.  Also,  I realized just how much time Facebook was taking up in my daily routine. Apparently, I'm not the only one spending less time on Facebook.  According the the, Facebook recently saw a decline of 18% of users' time spent on the website, and as much as 24% decline in use per person.

>On the positive side, I have found Facebook offers a great way to market and connect with old and new friends, past clients, and new clients. I  don't plan on totally giving it up. Be well!


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Home for sale Near Furman & Greenville's Swamp Rabbit Trail--Sold!

We have just listed an adorable patio home in Glenlea Subdivision near Furman Universty, not far from Greenville's Swamp Rabbit Trail, within easy commuting distance to Downtown Travelers Rest SC and Downtown Greenville SC.  The home offers ad convenient and beautiful layout, cozy gas logs in a large great room, a kitchen & breakfast nook, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a covered patio that could be screened in, and a fenced back yard with views of Paris Mountain.

Priced at $121,000

Address: 316 Glenlea Lane Greenville SC 29617

MLS: 1358416

Showings: Please call Jonathan Kostyra, M: 864-525-0736


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Using Barn Doors or sliding doors in your Home

How to salvage or re-purpose an antique door

Decorating with Barn Doors

In a shopping to decorate and stage an old Farm House, I found an old salvage door at a discount building supply place. I've purchased doors like this before but this one was a real steal of a deal! I purchased this old antique door for $15 dollars. The real problem then arose, how do I strip it and clean it up? At the point of purchase, I seemed to be  waist deep in projects with this old farm house. So I asked a good friend, Herschel Futrell, if he would be willing to work on the door in his spare time for compensation. He agreed but once work commenced, he ran into layers and layers of paint on one side of the door.


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Restoring Furniture Ideas--Refurbishing Antiques

How do you strip and repaint a dresser? 


I have always liked the matra: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. My mom and dad taught me this growing up. Recently, my brother and I started remodeling an old farmhouse that was built roughly 100 years ago. Remodeling this old farmhouse has been a very labor and time consuming process. However, finally, light is at the end of the tunnel!

As we approach completion of the project and are adding the finishing touches, I've wanted to stage the home with a few select antique pieces. So, I have gone to the local Salvation Army's, Good Will's, Miracle Hill's, and consignment shops. 

What I've found has been surprising. I've found many old furniture pieces and

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