July 2008

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This photo is of an old country road tucked behind my subdivision. Little is disturbed here, traffic is virtually non-existent, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful! There are a couple of scenic ponds, beautiful pastures with horses, fields, and lots of trees. In the spring, the smell of honeysuckle fills the air on the road.  In the summer, wild blackberries and plums line one side of the road. In the fall the air is crisp and there are some wonderful views to the west.

WOW!  I'm sounding like Robert Frost....I really need a vacation!

I like to bike, jog, or walk down this road when I need a break from a stressful day! Sometimes I just find a place to sit and and I watch the sun go down. Other times, I simply watch the horses graze and gallop

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Acadia Design Center-Quarterly Realtor Appreciation Party

Well, its official, Open House Realty Downtown will be opening its office doors soon in downtown Greenville at the Acadia Design Center. The Acadia Design Center is located in Downtown Greenville SC on Camperdown just behind the new RiverPlace development.

I am extremely excited about our new office location and would like to extend a very special thanks to Caleb Freeman the owner of the Acadia Design Center and the developer of one of Greenville’s newest and largest communities—Acadia. Caleb has warmly welcomed us with open arms into his Acadia Offices. Caleb is a native of the Upstate, a Harvard Graduate, and business owner of several local and international businesses. Caleb is a

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