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Well there is more flowery news out today.  One: Revised estimates of the Gross Domestic Product, a measure of an economy's growth,  reveal the economy grew by a rather warm 3.3 annual pace compared with forecasts of only 1.9 percent. The unexpected growth is due apparently to a surge in US exports, which has been helped by a weaker dollar making US products less expensive overseas. Jobless claims also fell to 425,000 last week, still higher than the average last year, but nonetheless, good news. Finally, analysts believe Fannie Mae's reseves are better than expected and there may be no need for a government bailout anytime soon.

Photo take beneath the Peace Center in Downtown Greenville.

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Good News Isn't Hard to Come By...

Falls Park Pictures Greenville SC

Good National News: Well things are definitely looking brighter in the national news with last months home sales up, taming inflation (or at least the dollar is rising against a bread basket of foreign currencies), and then of course there are the lower fuel costs.  Additionally news is out today that Freddie and Fannie have enough capital to pull through to the end of the year.  Finally Jim Cramer, a guru invester/analyst that I follow,  thinks the housing market will bottom by third quarter 2009, in line with Alan Greenspans forecast.

Good local news: Here in Greenville the remnants of tropical storm Faye are bringing much needed rain to our area.  In addition home prices are up 3% over last year's prices. 

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Some Good News in the National Housing Industry

Existing Home Sales jumped last month by 3.1 percent to 5 million units per year, the largest gain in 17 months. National Home sales have hovered around 5 million units for the past 10 months according to the National Association of Realtors. Hopefully this means the market has stabilized and is finally finding  the bottom.

As a relocation specialist serving Greenville, one of the biggest hurdles for buyers wanting to move here is getting their homes sold in other states and areas.  The market here is slower as well but stable. So this information is good news and hopefully heading into 2009, things will continue to improve. Many analysts predict a bottom to the housing market soon!



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The Reedy River in Falls Park Greenville SC

This week's photo is of the Reedy River in downtown Greenville. The picture was taken on a Sunday afternoon in Falls Park facing north west towards Main Street in Downtown Greenville.

If you are considering moving or investing in the downtown area, and would like to see what is available in terms of single family units or downtown condos, please call or email me.  It will be my pleasure to give you a tour of the real estate market in Greenville's wonderful downtown!

Jonathan Kostyra
Broker Open House Realty Downtown

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A Greenville Sunset on a Country Road

Here is a photo of one of the sunsets that I mentioned in my early posting, the road less traveled. I really enjoy sunrises and sunsets along this road and practically anywhere. I will share a few more from my recent vacation. Jonathan Kostyra

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Wow!  This headline grabbed my attention in the Greenville News today. It appears the Byrnes High School Football team has been ranked number one in the country by USA today!

Byrnes High, winner of the Class AAAAA Division I state title, has had a stong football program for many years. Hopefully Byrnes will live up to their rankings and have a great season this year.  Go Byrnes High!


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Saturday’s August  2nd Edition fo the Greenville News reports that FedEx is considering the GSP area for a new ground hub that could ultimately bring 470 jobs to the Greenville Spartanburg area. Apparently FedEx is looking at a number of different locations in the Southeast.  According to the Greenville News, it has not been determined whether Greenville and Spartanburg afficials have offered FedEx any incentives to relocate here.  The Greenville Spartanburg areas have been known for their pro-business climate and hopefully this will continue to lure quality emplorers to our area.

Greenville SC Real Estate

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Please be patient with us as we upgrade and improve this website.  I will be widening the site so that the text is larger and easier on the eyes, improving the photography and images of different subdivisions, and making other smaller improvements.

Hopefully the changes will be seamless and will not case site outage. So please bear with us!


Jonathan Kostyra
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Tax free weekend is upon us.  Most local stores kicked off the tax free weekend  opening their stores at early bird hours this Friday morning. The biggest savings obviously come with big ticket purchases like computers, laptops, and other large ticket items.

I postponed buying a new office laptop and fax machine until this weekend for the extra savings. I was in Bust Buy and Circuit City fairly early this Friday morning and turnout was good.   So if you are in the market for back to school items or big ticket items, you may want to take advantage of this weekends extra savings!


Jonathan Kostyra


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