December 2011

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Home Shopping is Like Speed Dating by Lisa Harrison Posted by Jonathan Kostyra on Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 at 2:22pm.

Home Shopping is Like Speed Dating:

Is Your Listing the Most Eligible Bachelor?

With around 90% of home shoppers starting their quest online, “looks” count. It works very much like online dating.


Speed Dating: Real Estate Style.....

As a home shopper, you go to and scan all the eligible's in your desired geographical area.

  • If no photos – you're out.
  • You read all the profiles. Not much to say – you're out.
  • You make your list of your Top Five and give it to your agent to arrange a “face to face” meeting.
  • You arrive at house bachelor #1: Poor curb appeal – Next.
  • You sniff bachelor house #2: Funny smells –
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