July 2018

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Is the West Coast Housing Market a leading national housing indicator?

Zeroing in on San Fransicso Real Estate Prices: Can we predict Greenville SC Housing Prices? Most, would argue no because real estate is local in nature. However, there are national and even sometimes international common denominators. What would be a common denominator in national or international housing trends? Easy credit, low interest rates, growing GDP, growing employment, etc--and some of these denominators bleed into the local aspect of the housing markets, like Greenville's employment base and destination city status. 

I tend to look westward for macro or national real estate trends, particularly to California. Why? The state of California is the 5th largest economy

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 Greenville's Startup Business Culture

Bloomberg published an article called "The New Startup South" featuring Greenville South Carolina has having a successful startup culture for small and growing business. Bloomberg Business correctly states, "Greenville has excelled at creating an appealing—and walkable—commercial district. The scenic riverfront features a park bordered by a mixed-use development, a waterfall, and a pedestrian bridge." The city of Greenville has poured millions into downtown Greenville's redevelopment, making it a world-class pro business city!

Quoting the article again, "Some elements of Greenville’s transformation aren’t easy to replicate, including decades of political commitment to creating a community that’s

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Mortgage Rates fall to the lowest in 3 Months


Home buyers get a small break from rising interest rates. Mortgage interest rates have been on the rise since late last year (2017). As investors buy bonds seeking shelter from Trade Wars and Fed Rate Hikes, the yields of the 10 Treasury, which drives mortgage rates in part, have begun falling, helping push down mortgage rates. 

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