Gulf Shores Alabama

Posted by Jonathan Kostyra on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 at 12:11pm.

I've been traveling to Gulf Shores Alabama on and off for maybe 12 years for vacation and good times with my father and his wife Anita. My father is an expert angler and there never is a dull moment when he is down at the condo. Some of my best memories here are with him and a brother, or two, or both together standing in the water fishing with the breeze blowing, the birds flying, the waves crashing around us, and the setting-sun lighting up the horizon magnificently. Couple this amazing setting with some powerful fish hitting your lines and it makes for a wonderful evening!

These photos were taken during my first trip to Gulf Shores in the winter time. I really enjoyed it mainly because there were hardly any people there and everything was calm and quiet. I would run out to the ocean in the mornings to watch the sun rise and I could see maybe one or two or three people for miles. Additionally, the sun came up over the ocean in winter. I don't remember this in the spring or fall.

I like the place so much, I've thought about practicing real estate here during the winter time. We'll see if this ever develops:-)

So now I'll take you on a brief journey by photos of Gulf Shores Alabama: 





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