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Posted by Jonathan Kostyra on Sunday, December 10th, 2017 at 7:08pm.

Using Barn Doors or sliding doors in your Home

How to salvage or re-purpose an antique door

Decorating with Barn Doors

In a shopping to decorate and stage an old Farm House, I found an old salvage door at a discount building supply place. I've purchased doors like this before but this one was a real steal of a deal! I purchased this old antique door for $15 dollars. The real problem then arose, how do I strip it and clean it up? At the point of purchase, I seemed to be  waist deep in projects with this old farm house. So I asked a good friend, Herschel Futrell, if he would be willing to work on the door in his spare time for compensation. He agreed but once work commenced, he ran into layers and layers of paint on one side of the door.

One useful technique that Herschel used to get these tough layers of paint off was to apply the paint stripper and then apply saran wrap to prevent the stripper from drying out. Sometimes this method is called Citristrip/Saran Wrap or CS/SW.  Once the the paint stripper has soaked in for a while, then you can proceed with using a paint scraper to get the pain off. Herschel also used an orbital sander with heavy grit sandpaper and thin lighter sandpaper. I'm not certain of all his techniques, however, the end result is a beautiful door with lot of character!  Thank you Herschel for taking on this side project in your spare time!

My brother Arick and I are thinking about using this old antique door as a sliding barn door. I've placed the antique door over one of the door frames we are considering and seems to pair up pretty well? We already have the barn door hardware, so it is now a matter of assembling the hardware to the wall and then attaching the door. We will soon find out how the it looks!

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