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A Trip to Hendersonville NC



I recently took a trip to Hendersonville North Carolina (within a two hour drive of Greenville South Carolina) for some outdoor activities including hiking and photography. I am definitely not an accomplished photographer -- If I take any great shots, I give all credit to my camera.   I simply

There are some wonderful campgrounds and hiking trails surrounding Hendersonville to enjoy. The above photo was taken off one of these trails just a few miles outside of town. Hendersonville's downtown has a wonderful small town feel with lots of local shops and restaurants to visit and explore. A trip to Hendersonville can make for a great weekend getaway! Jonathan


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Waterfall in North Greenville County

Here is a beautiful and pristine waterfall located just off North Barton Road and Hwy 101 in Greenville County. The stream continues to drop off another 50-75 feet after this waterfall producing other scenic falls. Many of these local waterfalls go unnoticed by the public. I would have never known of this one's existence had I not visited a property listing just across the road.



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Views of Caesar's Head

Taken from Hwy 11 in North Greenville County

Here is a wonderful Photo of Caesar's Head taken at the beginning of Fall Season. I took this photo at a small park located off Scenic Hwy 11 in North Greenville County. Jonathan


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Lake Jocassee View

Taken from nearby Ascending Mountain

Here is a nice photo of Lake Jocassee that I took back in the summer on my way to Cashiers North Carolina. There is a pull off on the side of the road with wonderful views of Lake Jocassee and Lake Keowee. Upstate South Carolina truly has some amazing scenic sites and views! Jonathan


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