Liberty Clock in Downtown Greenville SC--The Liberty Building's Rich History

Posted by Jonathan Kostyra on Saturday, May 16th, 2009 at 4:00pm.

Photo Liberty Clock Greenville SC, Downtown Greenville SC

The Liberty Building in Greenville SC, built in 1925 as the Chamber of Commerce, stands on one of Greenville's most unique parcels of land. Apparently there were only two buildings erected on this land or parcel according to historical records (Resources 1). The first was built in 1822-23 and was the site of the Greenville County Courthouse, later known as the record building. It was torn down approximately 100 years later during the building and textile boom of the early 1900's.

The Chamber of Commerce building construction began simultaneously in 1924-25 with that of the Poinsett Hotel in Downtown Greenville SC. The Chamber of Commerce could not weather the Great Depression and the building was taken over by the flurishing Liberty Life Insurance Company. The Liberty Life Insurance Company became one of the southeat's most successful life insurance companies and was headquartered here in Greenville.

The Liberty Life building now stands as special historical landmark in downtown Greenville SC and testifies to Greenville's vibrant and rich past.



A Guide to Historic Greenville, South Carolina

 By John M. Nolan

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