Buyer Agency at Carolina Realty Associates 

Striving for Excellence in Buyer Agency 

A client is an individual or entity with whom Carolina Realty Associates enters into an agency relationship, sometimes called a fiduciary relationship. We owe are clients some very specific duties. These are:

  • Obedience—We must carry out our client’s lawful instructions.(1)
  • Loyalty—We act in the interest of our clients at all times. (1)
  • Disclosure—We must disclose all information that may influence the decisions of our clients and any information that is relevant to the affairs trusted to us.
  • Confidentiality—We must safeguard all information that if known by others would have a detrimental effect on the client. (1)
  • Accounting—We must account for monies, documents, and property that we have received on behalf of our clients. (1)
  • Reasonable Care and Skill—We should possess the knowledge, judgment, and skill to perform as a professional and be attentive to detail. (1)

We like to explain these further by saying we owe you, our buyers, our highest and best level of services.

  • This means we have a duty to serve your interests above our own.
  • It means we will make ourselves readily available to you.
  • It means we are going to work hard to expose you to numerous housing or property options that meet your criteria.
  • It means we are going to work exceptionally hard to procure the best pricing and terms for you once we have entered into negotiations.
  • It means we will put forth our best effort to always achieve a favourable outcome for you.


Commissions and fees: Our practice at Carolina Realty Associates is to never charge our buyer's any fees or commissions. With properties that are listed in the Multiple Listing Service, we typically split the listing fee with the listing company after we have negotiated for the best pricing and terms possible for you. If a property is not listed (e.g. For Sale by Owner), we only represent our buyer clients, and ask the sellers to pay our company a reasonable flat fee or percentage once we have settled upon desireable terms for you. Overall, our goal is rather simple. It is to provide our buyer clients with absolute excellence in all our services and dealings.


Entering into Buyer Agency: As a buyer, you enter buyer agency with our company through a buyer agency agreement. Two very important points about the buyer agreement are: 1) You as a buyer are agreeing to allow our real estate company solely to represent you. 2) Then, secondly, the agreement binds our company to serve your highest and best interests through the transaction. Finally, if you are not satisfied with our level of service or professionalism, we will let you out of this agreement with written notice from you. So in summary, we take a very customer service driven approach to Buyer Agency.



Customer Service and/or questions: So if you are looking for excellence in representation and a dedicated Buyer's Agent or Buyer's Broker, please give us a call to discuss our services with no obligations. You can read other past clients' experiences here.  We can be reached at 864-335-8936 or Toll Free at 877-286-1960. It will be our pleasure to speak with you to see if we are a good fit for you needs.  



We sincerely hope to hear from you!



All the best,


Jonathan Kostyra, Associate Broker

Carolina Realty Associates 

Phone: 864-335-8936




Resource 1 is Aware in South Carolina by Charles D. Wyatt, Jr., DREI Sixth Edition.