Importance of Home Inspections

Many home buyers are unaware of the importance of having a home inspection before purchasing. There several types of inpections that can be done. The main type of inspection is the visual inspection.

This type of home evaluation is simply a visual inspection of the structure and property, made by a trained and qualified professional. The home inspector is attempting to accurately assess the condition of a home based on appearance and a walk through. The home inspector is looking for roof leaks, plumping leaks, mold, visual damage, water damage or intrusion, apparent structural damage and any other elements or defects to the property. All defects are then itemized on a Inspection Report

There are also several other types of inspections that each home buyer should consider given the local circumstances and conditions. These include a mold assessment, termite assessment, radon testing, water testing, and septic evaluation.

Each of these inspections are designed minimize the purchaser’s overall purchasing risk. It is important for each purchaser to know the exact condition of the property he/she is buying. If repairs are needed these can and should be negotiated and take care of before the purchase transaction is executed.

Jonathan Edwards Kostyra, Greenville Realtor