How to Price for Success...

How to Optimize Your Showings, Offers, & Price that You Receive!



Nationally, research shows us that the number one mistake home sellers make is overpricing their homes. Overpriced homes or properties will usually languish on the market for extended periods of time. The number two mistake sellers usually make is "not" having their homes in great showing condition. We address showing condition in The Three P's of Marketing.

So let's talk frankly about how to correctly price your home to reduce the amount of time on the market while still getting top dollar. To do this, we will make a few important distinctions regarding what you should and should not base your price upon.

Your Home Price "Probably" Should NOT be Based Upon:

  • What you owe or need to get out of the home or property.
  • How much profit you want to realize from the sale.
  • How much money you have spent upgrading or remodeling.
  • What your neighbors think your home is worth.

Your Home Price Should be Based Upon: 


  • An objective market evaluation based on similar or comparable home sales within the last 6 months in your neighborhood, subdivision, or local area.
  • The shape, condition, and features of your home or property and how well your home shows to prospective buyers.
  • The Current Active Listings in your area (your listing competition) and their pricing.
  • How quickly you want/need your home or property to sell. Also remember, the closer you price to "True Market Value" the more showings and offers you will typically receive.
  • Finally, to establish the correct price, you may want to order an appraisal from a reliable and experienced appraiser. Please call or email us for references.

Overall, it is important to evaluate your home based on the items listed above and then set your price for selling. We utilize a dynamic marketing approach, called the CRA Marketing System. We take a very proactive approach by evaluating our marketing progress and your homes showing and activity on a biweekly basis.

If you would like a free market estimate, just email or call us. Maybe you have other questions or would like to know more about our powerful and flexible home marketing approach. To discuss any of these, simply call us to setup a free no obligation consultation: 864-525-0736.

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