Preparing Your Home For Sale

A Guide for Greenville & Spartanburg Home Sellers

Most home sellers would like to get the most money out of their home as possible.  The following are a few suggestions you can due to ensure that you get top dollar. Our goal is simply to help you get the best return on the sell of your home

It is usually best to examine your home and make any changes before placing it on the market because you will not get a second chance to make a good first impression.

If you are planning on moving within the next year we usually advise that you limit any home renovations to cosmetic ones. Cosmetic improvements listed below will give your home a fresh look, increase its marketability, and usually increase your sales price.

Curb Appeal: Consider the view of your home from the street.

·        The lawn and landscaping should be well maintained including trees and    shrubs.

·        The gutters should be cleaned or repaired.

·        Driveways and sidewalks may need cleaning or pressure washing.

·        Outside painting of trim, windows, or even siding may be necessary.

·        The Front Entrance and doorway greet visitors and should be clean or freshly painted.

2.     Kitchens and Baths play a huge role in the sale of a home. Make sure these are as clean and as presentable as possible. All counter tops, cabinets, appliances, mirrors, fixtures, sinks, and tubs should be clean and presentable.  Grouts in tiles may need cleaning and caulking may need replacing in some areas.

3.     Sparkling clean windows are impressive in all rooms.

4.     Dripping Faucets, water discolorations around plumbing fixtures, loose knobs, sticking windows/doors, and spots/discolorations on walls and floors all effect the buyer’s perception of your home and detract from its value.  These are small changes that can make a huge difference when repaired or fixed.

5.     All areas of your home should be uncluttered and neat including rooms, closet spaces, and storage areas.  The open appearance is attractive to potential buyers.

6.     Carpets and flooring should be free of stains; if not consider spot or stain removers or steam cleaning.

7.     Open blinds, curtains, and draperies to brighten your home during the day for showings and make sure the home is well lit in the evenings for showings. 

Overall the cleaning and small repairs listed above can sometimes dramatically enhance the appearance and marketability of your home.  View your home with a critical eye as if you were a potential buyer.  Any changes that improve your home’s appearance usually will result in a quicker sale and higher offers.

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