The Three P's of Real Estate Marketing

How to Optimize your Showings, Offers, & the Price that You Receive!



Many market forces affect the sale of any given home within any given market. As a home seller, you have no control over some of these forces, while you have absolute control over other market forces. For instance, as a seller, you have no control over the current supply of homes within your local market nor do you have any control over the current demand for housing in your local market.

However, we have identified three market forces that can be controlled by you and your Realtor that can have a tremendous impact on the sale of your home. We call these market forces The Three P’s of Marketing Real Estate. Here they are:


  • PRICE: Price is the single greatest market force that you can control as a seller. Your pricing decision will be critical for a successful outcome. We suggest to most sellers to price as close to true market value as possible. By doing this you will optimize your showings, your time on the market,and ultimately the price that you receive. Periodic price adjustments may be necessary in response to changing market conditions. Finally, please note that the right price can fix just about any other part of the sales equation!


  • PRODUCT: This is your home! Before selling, you should work hard to make your home look and show like a model home.Having a great looking and great showing home will optimize your time on the market, your number of showings, and the price that you ultimately receive. Consider the inside of your home for cleanliness, clutter, and lighting to name a few important items. Again think Model Home Appearance! Then consider your outside curb appeal (Your home and yard's appearance from the street). The outside view of your home from the street should be pleasant and inviting. Finally, when it is time for a viewing by potential buyers, think SHOWTIME! You are literally putting your home on display for your potential buyers in hopes of convincing the buyers that your home is the perfect home for them. Blinds and curtains should be open, the home should be clean, well-lit, and your home should have a fresh smell. A great product helps produce great sells results!


  • PROMOTION:  This is where we come into play. We know that a highly effective promotional campaign can be a game changer, so we have worked hard on developing a marketing strategy that GETS RESULTS! We have designed, optimized, and refined our promotional strategy for marketing real estate into what we call our CRA MARKETING SYSTEM. Our CRA MARKETING SYSTEM uniquely leverages the power of people, the internet, social media, and customer databases to deliver impressive sells results!

Ultimately to succeed in selling your home within a competitive market you will need a fair Price, a great Product, and a strong, flexible, and measurable Promotional campaign that delivers unparalleled marketing reach. Give us a call for a no obligation presentation of our CRA Marketing System for Real Estate to see if we are the perfect fit for the sale of your home!