The Home Purchase Process

Your Guide to Understanding the Home Buying Process

Buying a home in greenville sc

The home purchasing process can be stressful and confusing at times. We have outlined the process for you to help reduce your stress,  to provide you with a timeline and framework of reference, and to give you a better understanding of overall the sequence of events.

We at Carolina Realty Associates are going to work exceptionally hard to make this process go as smoothly and stressfree as possible. Our interests and focus is on you, our client. We are here to serve you and your interests to the maximum through this process. We look forward to working with you and are highly expectant of a successful outcome for you!

Step One: The Home Search Process

Selecting the Perfect Home & Due Diligence

Step Three: The Offer and Negotiations

Step Four: Home Inspections & Mortage Application

There are a couple things we need to do now that the home is under contract: The first item of importance is loan application. Loan application involves feeling out all the paperwork necessary to procure a loan. Our South Carolina contracts usually stipulate a period of time by which you must get this done. Usually this is 10 or more days from the Effective Date. Next, you will need to select a home inspector and termite inspector. If you need a reference here are some I have used in the past. If you would like to schedule the inspections, feel free to do so or you can make your selections and have the inspectors phone me to schedule. I will have to let them into the home; you are welcome to attend as well. Third note, please try not to make any changes to your credit during this process until we close (e.g. Open a new credit card account, close an account, buy a car, etc). This is just good adviceļ

Step Five: Repairs & Negotiating Repairs

Step Six: Final Walk Through and Closing

Step Seven: Live Happily Thereafter!