The "Wow Factor" in Selling Real Estate



Selling real estate for top dollar within a reasonable time frame requires an intricate balance between art and science. The pure "science" is in the numbers. You have to price right and your home's price should be based upon the past 6 months of local comparable homes that have sold in your area. You should also consider the prices of your active listing competition, which are the current active homes for sale in your area or neighborhood.   

The "art" of selling real estate for top dollar is in the total presentation of your home. After many years of selling real estate, we have noticed most homes that sell quickly and for top dollar have this certain intangible factor going for them that we call the Wow Factor. In other words, from the curb appeal, to the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, lighting, fixtures, and even garage (the total presentation of the home), the home simply wows the buyers. We'll briefly walk you through a home that had this Wow Factor going for it. We just recently showed this home and our buyers wrote a cash offer the same day!


As we pulled up in front of this home with our buyers, we noticed the grass and landscaping were well manicured, fresh mulch had just been put down, flowers welcomed us by the sidewalk, and overall the home's curb appeal was fresh, attractive, and inviting. As we walked up to the front door, we noticed the sidewalk was clean and the door was new or had been freshly painted. As we opened the door and proceeded inside, the home welcomed us with bright lighting, tasteful decor and artwork, and clean, de-cluttered spaces. Window blinds were open, furniture was lightly spaced and attractive, paint colors were tasteful but on the neutral side, and kitchens and bathrooms popped with fresh and clean presentation. We heard our buyers making comments like, "Wow, this home is beautiful!" "I love this kitchen!" "Honey, come see the master bathroom!" "Come check out this patio and back yard!" "How much is the home again?" "This home is nearly perfect; it's the one!" "Let's write an offer!" 


So, in summary, the Wow Factor is not usually just one impressive feature about a home like a great view, an updated kitchen, or an attractive yard. The Wow Factor is excellence in total presentation. This is the "art" in selling real estate. Some sellers have a real knack for preparing their homes for a great presentation while others do not.  And this is ok--we offer a convenient solution for those needing help. We utilize the services of an excellent professional stager. She brightens, de-clutters, and rearranges homes for a much more attractive presentation. Does it work? Absolutely, homes that have been staged by her, sell on average, in less than 50 days on the market. For the rest of the greater Greenville market, the average time on the market is over 100 days.  Best of all, she is very affordable.


Now, if you have worked hard and your home has this Wow Factor, it is critically important that your home be presented in this fashion with marketing excellence, particularly online. Over 90% of home buyers now search for their next home online. Once your home is ready for photos, we bring in a professional photographer, who does an absolutely amazing job. His virtual tour and photography will do an incredible job of presenting your home online. So in summary, we strive for perfection in our every marketing effort to showcase your homes strengths, appeal, features, and beauty! We are committed to a successful outcome for you.


Now, we will show you a few exciting homes and condos that had this Wow Factor and that sold quickly and for top dollar:

Homes and Condos with the Wow Factor